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Title: Teaching Roxi
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
I met Roxi at a party and when she left her parents house, she had nowhere to stay so I offered to find a place for her to sleep. This is her first time on camera. I told her in exchange for food and rent, that she could model for me. I took a few pics and eventually got her to pose naked. Towards the end of the scene she felt obligated to thank me for helping her and that is how we discovered
Video Length: 7 minutes, 37 seconds
Title: Homeless Hotel - Part 2
Featuring: Hobo Hero ,  Roxi the Hobo
Part 2 of Roxi's drunken overnighter at a hotel with the Hobo Hero. Give a girl a bed and some booze and fuck her silly.
Video Length: 20 minutes, 29 seconds
Title: Wake Up Time
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
This morning I left for "work" early and headed straight to Roxi's garage. The people that owned the garage were coming home soon and it might be the last time we got to fuck there. She left the door unlocked for me and I came in and woke her up. She knew what I wanted right away and hardly even opened her eyes before my cock was in her mouth. We managed to make a dirty garage even dirtier.
Video Length: 22 minutes, 10 seconds
Title: Breaking In
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
After awhile my girlfriend got suspicious of me and started to wonder why I was out at the storage unit so much. She went out there one day and discovered her bed but I told her that I had slept there a couple times because I was organizing things and got very tired and didn't want to drive home. It was clear that I couldn't let her stay there for awhile. She knew someone that was away for
Video Length: 26 minutes
Title: The Storage Unit - Part 1
Featuring: Hobo Hero ,  Roxi the Hobo
From the very first time I met Roxi at a party, I wanted to get her naked. A cute and petite little thing with fuck me eyes. When she called me a few weeks later looking for a place to stay, I couldn't let her stay with me and my girlfriend, but I did have a storage unit that I rented so I let her stay there. I had already fucked her twice by the time I filmed this. She wanted to model her
Video Length: 16 minutes, 22 seconds
Title: Roxi's Garage
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
The hobo hero comes to visit Roxi in his garage so he can be rewarded for taking such good care of her. He sits down on an old chair and Roxi rides his cock. Then he lays her down on the floor and fucks her missonary before he pulls out and cums all over her pussy.
Video Length: 16 minutes, 33 seconds