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Title: Naughty Roxi
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
The Hobo Hero goes to visit Roxi in his garage to get payment for rent and food for the week. He tells her to strip down and sit on his cock on an old chair and she rides him. Then they move to the floor and he fucks Roxi in missionary position until he cums. But this time he didn't pull out in time and got some cum inside her.
Video Length: 19 minutes, 48 seconds
Title: Homeless Hotel - Part 3
Featuring: Hobo Hero ,  Roxi the Hobo
Part 3 of Roxi's drunken overnighter at a hotel with the Hobo Hero. Give a girl a bed and some booze and fuck her silly.
Video Length: 28 minutes, 21 seconds
Title: Roxi Cleans Up
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
Roxi hadn't had a shower for a few days and she was getting a little ripe, so I insisted that she have a shower and get cleaned up for me. She made sure to get clean in all the right places and shave everywhere but ended up cutting her foot with the cheap razor I gave her. Well at least it she wasn't lying in a sewer somewhere all hairy, hungry and smelly.
Video Length: 16 minutes, 50 seconds
Title: The Storage Unit - Part 2
Featuring: Roxi the Hobo
This was a marathon session with Roxi. After I came on her the first time, it wasn't long before I wanted more and we both had the time. I fucked her cowgirl and doggystyle this time and came on her back. I may "accidentily" cum inside her next time.
Video Length: 44 minutes, 47 seconds
Title: The Storage Unit - Part 1
Featuring: Hobo Hero ,  Roxi the Hobo
From the very first time I met Roxi at a party, I wanted to get her naked. A cute and petite little thing with fuck me eyes. When she called me a few weeks later looking for a place to stay, I couldn't let her stay with me and my girlfriend, but I did have a storage unit that I rented so I let her stay there. I had already fucked her twice by the time I filmed this. She wanted to model her
Video Length: 16 minutes, 22 seconds
Title: Angie The Hobo
Featuring: Angie The Hobo
Angie is wandering the tracks in search of food and shelter when the Hobo hero comes to her rescue. He gives her a left over sandwich and takes her home but sweetens the deal with the promise of a nice restaurant dinner if she fucks him. She reluctantly agrees and keeps up her end of the deal but the Hobo hero doesn't have much cash so he does the next best thing.
Video Length: 40 minutes, 5 seconds